Soup of the day 2,50€
Tomato gazpacho with croutons 4,50€
Bread basket 2,50€
Olive oil 1,00€
Butter 1,00€
Olives 1,00€
Dry cheese 4,50€
Tuna paté 2,00€
Hummus with paprika 1,50€
Full couvert 11,50€


Alheira sausage balls with chilli jelly (5 pcs.) 9,50€
"Pica-Pau" Fried loin Beef (portion) 18,00€
"Pica-Pau" Fried Tuna (portion) 18,50€
Fried cuttlefish 15,00€
Spicy fried squid w/ spice maionese 15,00€
Fried Prawns with Lemon and Seaweed Sauce (portion +/- 300g) 19,00€
Mussels Andalusian Style 16,00€
Clam "Bulhão Pato" Style 19,00€
(Portion 400/500g) w/ toasted bread and butter
Grilled Black Tiger Prawns (2 pcs.) 35,00€

NOTE: None of the Snacks / Seafood come with side dishes


Mix 6,00€
Mixed - Lettuce, tomato, peppers, cucumber and onion.
Cheese 9,00€
Chevre cheese, watercress, figs and honey and lemon sauce.
Tuna 11,00€
Tuna, lettuce, tomato, onion, boiled egg, olives and garlic and coriander mayonnaise.
Pé nu 13,00€
Ham, tomato, mozzarella cheese and pesto sauce
Chicken 11,00€
Chicken Pasta (cocktail sauce and black pepper), lettuce, fusilli pasta, pineapple.
Shrimp 13,00€
Shrimp, lettuce, feta cheese, papaya, tomato, figs and crutons, mango sauce.
Vegetarian 13,00€
Couscous salad with dried fruit, vegetables on a bed of pineapple.


(no sandwiches / toasts served during lunch period 12h/16h)

Toast 3,00€
Mixed sandwich 4,50€
Cheese, ham, lettuce.
Chicken Sandwich 5,50€
with lettuce and garlic and coriander mayonnaise.
Tuna Sandwich 5,50€
with lettuce and tuna pâté.
Ham Sandwich 6,00€
Lettuce and olive pâté.
Mixed Toast 5,50€
Cheese and ham.
Tuna Toast 6,00€
with lettuce and tuna pâté.
Chicken Toast 6,00€
Chicken and garlic mayonnaise.
Toasted Mozzarella Cheese 6,00€
with tomato and oregano.
Smoked Salmon Toast 6,50€
with lettuce, black pepper, lime drops and herb cream cheese.