"Zarzuela" Fish (2 px) 40,00€
Sea Bream fillet, prawns, clams, mussels and sautéed potatoes.
Black Rice (2 px) 37,00€
Cuttlefish ink rice, with prawns and clams.
Seafood Paella (2 px) 37,50€
Rice, mussels, clams, squid, cuttlefish and prawns.
Fish Pasta Soup (2 px) 38,50€
Pasta Soup with various types of fish.
Codfish "Pé nu" (2 px) 40,00€
Cod fillet, prawns and clams, sautéed greens on a bed of sautéed onions with fried potatoes.
Mixed Fish Fry (2 px) 39,00€
3 varieties of fish of the day, Prawns with clam rice.
Sea bass "Bulhão Pato" 52,00€
(+/-800g) with clams and coriander rice.
Tuna Steak 18,00€
Braised with potato aioli.
Tuna "Bitoque" 17,80€
with fried egg, rice and chips
Squids "À praia" 17,00€
sautéed with potatoes and clams.


Sardines 14,00€
with potatoes and salad.
Salmon (kg) 36,50€
with potatoes and salad.
Swordfish (kg) 43,00€
with potatoes and salad.
Cuttlefish (kg) 38,00€
with potatoes and salad.
Sea bream (kg) 43,00€
with potatoes and salad.
Turbot (kg) 48,00€
with potatoes and salad.
Sea bass (kg) 45,00€
with potatoes and salad.

NOTE: The fish of the day is limited to existing  Stock. Please check availability.


Grilled Beef Strips 16,00€
Grilled Beef Strips with Potato Chips
Beef "Bitoque" 14,00€
Beef "Bitoque" served with rice and Potato Chipa, Fried Egg and Salad
Steak "Pé nu" 18,00€
Sirloin steak with cheese, ham, cream sauce and potato chips.
Grilled Sirloin Steak 18,50€
with rice, fruit, fruit, lettuce, nuts and sultanas.


Cuttlefish Burguer 15,50€
with garlic mayonnaise with potato chips.
Plain Hamburguer 11,00€
with lettuce, tomato and potato crisps.
Cheeseburger 12,00€
with lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, "Pé nu" sauce and potato chips.
Azores Cheese Hamburger 13,00€
With Lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion and potato chips
Chevre Cheese Hamburger 13,00€
with Lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion and potato chips.
Vegan Burger 13,50€
with lettuce and tomato.

Extra complement to the vegan burger Egg fried – 1.50€ | Extra cheese – 1.00€



Clam Rice 12,00€
Plain White Rice 3,50€
Boiled vegetables 6,00€
Potato Chips 4,00€
Couscous 2,50€
Fried Egg (un) 1,50€
Boiled Potatoes 4,00€
Take-Away Container (un) 1,50€


(up to 9 years old )

Fuzilli Pasta 10,00€
with Shredd cheese
Plain Burger 11,00€
With Rice and Potato Chips


Americana Cookie 3,50€
with chocolate chips
Serradura 5,00€
Whipped Cream and Biscuit
Lemon Pie 6,00€
Banana Pudding 4,50€
Gaufre 7,50€
with Whipped Cream and Strawberries
Petit Gateau 6,50€
with ice cream
"After Eight" Chocolate Mousse 5,50€
"Rosa'" ice cream cake 6,00€
Plain Ice Cream 5,50€
Choose 1 Topping: Wild Berries | Basil | Caipirinha
Açaí 13,50€
w/ granola,fresh fruit, nuts and honey.
Yoghurt Delight 13,00€
Granola,fresh fruit and honey
Fresh Fruit Delicacy (4 px) 16,00€
Seasonal and tropical fruit on a pineapple bed.
Pineapple with lime zest 4,00€
Strawberries with Honey 4,00€
Mango 4,50€
Birthday Cake Fee 1,00€
(price per person)